Boating excursions from Camogli began in 1932 as visitors sought fun new things to do during their stay there. The Biancotti brothers, fishermen, were the first to take passengers on a small fishing boat they owned called the LUIGI. Most of the excursions took place on weekends and holidays and even continued during the war. After Recco had been bombed and the railway lines destroyed, their service grew to transport people to Nervi by sea. During the 1950s and 60s the tiny fishing village of Portofino became increasingly famous as a destination favoured by actors and other famous people, which then also attracted attention to the tiny town of San Fruttuoso. With the passing of time, seafaring excursions increased as groups of small boats sailed back and forth between them and Camogli.

It was the beginning of a growing mass tourism phenomenon which eventually led to the construction of larger boats designed for the purpose. In 1983 the owners of the smaller boats got together to found GOLFO PARADISO and today the company boasts eight ships of up to 27 meters which can carry anywhere from 42 to 350 passengers. The service is operative all year round with embarkation points along the coast from Genoa to Portovenere offering daily excursions and simply transporting people from port to port.

In April of 2011, GOLFO PARADISO bought out BlueWest, and with it acquired the Corsara, a ship especially designed for whale watching. This lead to the creation of the Whalewatch Genova and Whalewatch Imperia brands, offering tours in the western Liguria region (Whalewatch Imperia) and in the eastern Liguria area (Whalewatch Genoa).

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